Due to lack of funding, the 2015 edition of DEFI LOIRE AVIRON is canceled.


Edition 2015


Two trials competition format :

On the Saturday 10th of October, 500m side by side race.

On the Sunday 11th of October, 11,3km head race with a duel.


Entries opened to teams of:

Men, Women and Master

Club Mixed or Men/Women mixed

Terms and conditions of the fees:

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Entry form :

French English Spanish Portugese

Défi Loire Aviron Hike

The second edition of DLA Hike will take place on the 11th October 2015.
Its 18 kilometers route around Nantes Island and bypassing the Heron Island will be performed in “yolettes” or coastal rowing boats.

Entry form :
- French


01 The Carousel
02 The Maillé Brezé Boat
03 Cranes
04 Buren’s rings
05 Bananas shed
06 Trentmoult Harbour
07 Beaulieu Center
08 Forget Island


09 Heron Island
10 Beaulieu Park
11 Marcel Saupin Stadium
12 Number one lock from Nantes to Brest
13 The Abscence
14 Law Court
15 Slavery abolition Memorial



About the Défi Loire

The city of Nantes is home to three rowing clubs (about 2000 members), and has brought up numerous champions. However, Nantes does not have its own racecourse.
Following this observation, Bernard Coupé - the president of the Cercle de l’Aviron de Nantes club - and Bernard Lecoq (the secretary general), started working on a new project in 2009. With the help of the club’s steering committee, they envisioned a new event to bring light to the sport of rowing in Nantes.
While reviewing the club’s archives, they came across records telling the story of two rowers, the Vandernotte brothers, who had organized an eight’s race in 1955 on the Loire river.
Inspired by this story, the Steering Comitee of the Cercle de l’Aviron de Nantes decided to create a unique regatta around the Island of Nantes, on the Loire river. The ambition of this race was to attract quality crews—men’s and women’s crews—internationally.
Aided by the City of Nantes, the Cercle de l’Aviron de Nantes organized the Défi Loire Aviron for the first time the 3rd and 4th of October, 2009.
Thanks to the joint action of the club leaders, employees, volunteers, this first event was a success. The possibility of maintaining the race was thus reinforced, and it was decided to host it every two years. On the off year, the CNA Rouen club organizes the Défi Seine.
In 2013, the Défi Loire started offering an event for recreational rowers : an excursion around the exceptional site of the Island of Nantes.

Village Fair

The Défi Loire also hosts an event fair in the Parc des Chantiers of the Island of Nantes. The boat parking area and the pontoons will be regrouped, offering closer interaction between the crowds and the rowers.
Many events are planned. For example, a grand screen in the event village will enable fans to follow the head race live, as the crews go around the Island with onboard GPS trackers.
The village will be set up at the exit of the Anne de Bretagne Bridge, along the Léon Bureau Boulevard.

The Défi Loire’s site adapts itself to the disabled public:
- A new viewpoint on races is reserved.
- An exhibition on adaptive rowing.
- The attendance of the French team’s adaptive rowers.

Adress :
Les Machines de l’île
Parc des Chantiers
Bd Léon Bureau
44200 Nantes

Public transport :
1 TRAM Ligne 1: arrêt - Chantiers Navals -
2 CHRONOBUS C5: arrêt - Prairie au Duc –

2009 edition

1st edition
15 crews (2 international crews)
Women’s Eight
1. French National Team 00:46,35
2. SN Caen Calvados 00:47,27
3. CA Nantes 00:48,15
Men’s Eight
1. CA Nantes 00:40,14
2. SN Compiègne 00:40,27
3. CNA Rouen 00:41,50

2011 edition

13 crews (1 international crews)
Women’s Eight
1. French National Team 00:44,35
2. SN Caen Calvados 00:40,27
3. CA Nantes 00:41,50
Men’s Eight
1. CA Nantes 00:38,27
2. A Grenoble 00:38,42
3. R Reims 00:41,57

2013 edition

21 crews (3 international crew)
Women’s Eight
1. French National Team 00:40,38
2. Ligue Pays de la Loire 00:44,32
3. CN Melun 00:45,12
Men’s Eight
1. CA Nantes 00:37,40
2. SN Compiègne 00:39,01
3. ASRN Amsterdam 00:39,17


Call for volunteers for the Défi Loire Aviron. Volunteers needed before, after and during the event.
If you are interested, your help will be warmly welcomed.
For a few hours, a whole day, or more !
RSVP before July 30th 2015.
For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.